Orb of light


I was watching this orb of light for roughly 20mins or so, I then proceeded in capturing several pieces of footage of the orb still stationary, this piece of the footage was interesting, another light orb was seen to appear below . .
Here is the footage

The Orb continued to just hang round, until a bus went across the bottom of the road, which distracted me for a moment in that moment the orb was gone, the camera did capture what I missed ..

I thought it was strange . .

Have fun


  1. These things are being seen all over the world.
    They seem to just hang about for ages then go .
    I wonder what they are watching us for.
    Lets hope its in good faith LOL

    Nice Catch Deb Well Done
    Shame you never caught it on your camcorder Its hard to keep a light camera still Isnt it Im going to have to get a new one aswell because I had a handy cam for christmas but its too light to hold & keep it still
    Thanks for showing it me .Keep your eyes on the skies
    Sharon xxx

  2. This is strange I too see these objects some accend quickly, and gone in a flash.. Great captures..!

  3. Seen these light orbs hanging around then just quick as a flash gone..Something is happening