Uuuh Chemtrail Container ?

Like any other day we had been encountering the Airial attack of chemtrails, I proceeded to capture some of the delights, in my venture to capture pretty scatterings of fluffy toxins a bearly visible Object/plane came into view, having a chemrail I decided to take a few pictures of the little culprit, I took a few pictures then proceeded in capturing a piece of footage.

Here you are looking at the first sign of the Object/Plane, although very hard to see, it can be seen in the center bottom, appearing at the side of the skinny branch, please copy and zoom, you will see a faint chemtrail and slightly in front of the trail is an object/plane, I have also tried to enlarge and give a negative image of the actual picture. Please View

Here is another picture it has been altered to the Negative picture, it was taken momenterily after the picture above. You can see the Chemtrail clearly in this shot coming in from the Left off center, just under the larger trail, no object/plane has been identified in this picture.! Maybe I just failed to spot it.

I proceeded in obtaining video footage, as my phone is slow at changing from camera to video it seems I might of caught the last 2 seconds of the object/plane still moving

The object/Plane from start to finish was 3 minuets at that point it just vanished, disappeared gone, leaving a nasty streak in the sky. !

Which was quick to spread, as you will see from the pictures. This then hung around for most of the evevning

Due to what I had witnessed there is little doubt  
in my mind that I clearly saw an object/plane vanish before my eyes what was also evident is the nasty sky it left behind

What was the Object it couldn't have been a plane there was no way it should or could have dissappeared.

You Judge for yourself. Was it a Chemical Container ? Failed Rocket launch ? Or a disappearing plane ?

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