Coincidentally this footage was taken on 1/12/12

23.00 hours I was looking at the moon, it seem to illuminate something behind it, yet it did not illuminate white it was of a blue hue. At this point having only my phone camera at hand I tried to get a closer view of what seem to be behind the moon.

After multiple footage I took hold of my binoculars to get a closer view, what I witnessed turned me cold, behind the moon was what I could only describe as a Blue Planet, I could see the what seem to be mountain ridges and mountain peaks, all completely blue.

The following pieces of footage where taken at separate times of the evening. It captures the blue and what I would say is one of its mountain peaks witnessed through the binoculars. I tried to get the camera in different modes to show that it was not the light bleed or any other light fraction, you can clearly see the illumination of something in the back ground. Make of it what you will, I know what I witnessed and so wanted to share this moment I will probably never experience again. 

1/12/2012. 23:02 (Please ignore the green dead pixel dot)

01/12/2012 23:04

Low in height was spotted a light orb on three separate nights, low enough to see one cut through clouds, no sound, no obvious lights only white as you can see, traveling south east.

Taken on the 17th August 2011

The next piece of footage was taken on the 21st August 2011

The next piece was another one taken on the 21th August 2011

Final piece of footage taken on the 24th August 2011

Checked out the evening satalite updates none in the area at these times, as I stated the same orbs have been witnessed cutting through clouds.. even stranger

On the 1st September 2011 my self and a collegue were driving from Batley to Leeds, headed towards M1 spotted a stationary light orb over Wakefield / Normanton area it was 20:35. At 21:05 light orb stationary over same position still visible until 21:20, from there I lost sight as I was driving away from the orb, however my collegue who was now heading towards Normanton/castleford area witnessed in the same place the light orb, he was more or less driving in the same direction of the light orb, he ended up on the backside of the object were he stated he could see multiple lights around the bottom, he didn't get any pictures.                                                                                                                

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