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Morgellons disease

Morgellons is a multi-symptom disease that is just now starting to be researched and understood. It has a number primary symptoms: pyhysical, Sponanteously Erupting Skin lesions, Sensation of crawling, biting on and under the skin, Appearance of blue, black or red fibers and granules beneath and/or extruding from the skin Fatigue

Chemtrail composition Here we have the items of weather modification, cloud seeding to Biologically active chemicals, these that have already been tried and tested !

Chemtrails are real and if you breath you should take it seriously as a Health threat to you
and your future families


Natures Cure Cancer is said to effect 1 in 3 people, so we are now accepting the disease 
of Cancer, as  "its one of those things". The treatments on offer are riddled with side effects,
if you would like to find alternative treatments or remidies, maybe even the prevention before
the cure you are on the right page.

Health Benefits is another similar link on health, I have brought together some useful
information  that might  make a diffence to someones life.

Soursop Health benefits

Soursop also known as graviola (Portuguese) guanábana (Spanish) or corossol (French) is
large, green fruit with a dull spiked surface, found mainly in Tropical regions. Soursop has
been a natural healer to illnesses and diseases particularly cancer for decades. 
Though  its medical abilities are not widely known it should not be underestimated

Depleted Uranium

Incidences of cancer, deformed babies and other health problems have risen sharply in the area, Iraqi officials say. And although it is difficult for doctors to isolate specific causes for cancer, many suspect contamination from weapons used in years of war and accompanying unchecked pollution as a cause.

Death by Injection Extracts and reference from the  book is a truly thorough account of the machinations underlying America´s steadily deteriorating health, and is the result of some
forty years of investigative research by the author Eustace Mullins. MURDER BY INJECTION reinforces and adds further light to the devastating exposés, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by
G. Edward Griffin, THE DRUG STORY by Morris Bealle and Hans Ruesch´s NAKED EMPRESS OR THE GREAT MEDICAL FRAUD.

Morgellons has now become some what of a mystery, said to be a new plague, although
if anyone is looking for information they will find contradiction at every turn, some scientist
and researchers claim, it is  an "individual imagining the symptoms" to other researchers
and scientist they claim it to be "caused by nano particles" .

Israel the land of the gods, Isis, Ra and Enlil

When the name Israel is broken down Is it just a co-incidence that the name incorporates
three gods/goddesses ? 'Israel' according to the Jews means "God rules" or "God Shines".
So how did the name derive ? Israel is taken from 3 gods, Isis, Ra, El, (Enlil)

From Chemtrail's to illness

The Chemtrail V's H1N1, illness Connection

Since early March of 2009 the skies over Canada’s Capital City have been littered with 

chemtrails dispensed by jets that resemble Boeing passenger 747’s. It all started about
a week or so before Swine Flu news hit the mainstream. From that point on, the amount
of chemtrails being sprayed in to the skies has gradually intensified.

So the question that needs to be asked is what is being sprayed into our skies, and why ?

It is known amongst certain groups of people, that chemtrails consist mainly of
Barium salts and Aluminum. 

The clotting of blood is an important process in our body whereby the blood thickens when a
 blood vessel is injured. This thickening of blood, also known as blood clot keeps us from 
bleeding to death. In some cases blood clots are formed even without a wound or an injury 
and this phenomenon can lead to several serious problems. If the clot is formed in the artery,
it can block the blood circulation, leading to heart attack.

Blood clots in the brain can lead to strokes. There are several blood thinners available in the 

market today such as Aspirin, Warfarin etc.  However these medications can have several
side effects. Natural blood thinners are substances found in nature that are just as effective 
as the prescription medications without the side effects caused by the drugs.

Deception over Courage

 The prize doesn't always go to the most deserving.

Irena smuggled infants out in  the bottom of the tool box she carried in the back of
her truck.
She  also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers  let

her in and out of the ghetto.  The soldiers of course wanted  nothing to do with the 
dog and the barking covered the kids/infants  noises.

Natures Cure

Cancer is said to effect 1 in 3 people, so we are now accepting the disease of Cancer, as
"its one of those things". The treatments on offer are riddled with side effects, if you would
like to find alternative treatments or remidies, maybe even the prevention before the cure 
you are on the right page.

Hopefully I have brought together some useful information that might make a diffence to

someones life.

Freeman on the land, the information contained herein is now established fact.
Feel free to check with a competent Lawyer. 
There is law. Irrefutable and permanently applicable law which, as a peaceful individual is 
unlikely to ever affect you. It is called Common Law. Provided you keep the peace, 
do not cause injury, harm or loss to another individual, then you will remain within the
terms of Common Law and will not break it.

Gods of the forgotten times

The Sumerian King List 

The Sumerian King List is an ancient manuscript, originally recorded in the Sumerian language,
listing kings of Sumer from Sumerian and foreigndynasties. It records the location of "official" 
kingship, along with the rulers and their supposed reign lengths. Kingship was believed to
have been handed down by the gods, and could be transferred from one city to another, 
reflecting perceived hegemony in the region.

Deluge and the Lost civilisations

When we look at the past writings of the Deluge or Flood we see a startling connection around the world, all suggesting that the waters which came changed the world as it was once known.

The earliest story writen is thought to be contained in the fragmentary, Sumerian Eridu Genisis. 

Star connections  

When we look at the past, we see that some of the earliest civilizations are not

fully understood or credited for their influence they shared with us today.
Questions are raised as to whether our past generations were visited, influenced
or maybe even modified in creation from visitors from outer space.

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